About Us

Angels Public is an independent elementary school serving the need of the surrounding communities for affordable and progressive education.

What We're All About

ANGELS’ SR. SEC. PUBLIC SCHOOL, AMBALA was established in 1997. It is a private institution that is being managed by the Angels Educational Society. The school is affiliated with CBSE. It is a Co-educational Senior Secondary school. Running classes from Nursery to XII [All streams]

We at Angels’ Public School center on a shared commitment to academic excellence, intellectual growth, high standards of ethical awareness, sportsmanship, and community service school emphasizes its motto From ignorance to knowledge and strives hard to achieve it.

CBSE School In Ambala

Learn Something Every Day

Angels’ Public School is fully aware of the educational needs of students and is contributing adequately to the monumental task of quality education, which is really going to matter in the changing environment. Our students are getting the desired exposure in every walk of life. This institution contains the right blend of our ancient culture and modern scientific and progressive education in its approach and curriculum.

It undoubtedly goes without saying that quality of our life depends upon the quality of our education. Angels’ Public School is singled out for the quality of education it provides, for the sense of discipline and spiritual growth it offers, for the quality of leadership and self confidence it builds and for the cultural values it emphasizes.

Aims and Objectives

“Teachers who love teaching teach children who love learning.”

The school functions with the following aims in view :-

  1. To provide all round development of children by offering adequate opportunities for social, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth.
  2. To provide ample opportunities for unfolding the hidden potentialities of the children.
  3. To lay emphasis on academic excellence and formation of character.
  4. To inculcate among children a spirit of patriotism and develop a sense of dedication to the service of society.
  5. To prepare the children for facing the challenge of modern life by self-help and self study.
  6. To develop a rational and scientific outlook on life and acquire a thirst for knowledge.
  7. To develop exceptional qualities of high moral and deep sense of duty and dedication so as to distinguish themselves from others.
  8. To develop the school as an instrument of change for bringing the desired social economic and cultural revolution in the country.


What Makes Us Difference

Children are actively engaged in their world through critical thinking and open-ended investigations.

Great Faculty

Talented teachers provide honed expertise and consistent, thoughtful guidance.

School Enviornment

Parents are important contributors to the school environment.